Pediatric Dentist in Colorado Springs

Northgate Pediatric Dentistry is part of a Multiple Dental Team Specialty Practice

Because we share office space with two other specialists in the field of dentistry, our patients have the convenience of multiple needs met in one location, as well as the benefit of a highly skilled staff, proficient in multiple areas of dentistry.

Choosing a Pediatric Dental Specialist for your child’s oral health care needs is important. In the same way that pediatricians are trained to meet the specific needs of children, a pediatric dentist is uniquely trained to prevent and treat oral health issues that affect children and adolescents. Dr. Mike is the only Pediatric Dentist in Southern Colorado. After four years of dental school, and three years as a general dentist Dr. Mike received two additional years of special training working with children, teenagers and special needs patients. Parents who feel strongly about taking their children to a pediatrician should take their children to a pediatric dentist for the same reasons.

Because 100% of Dr. Mike’s patients are children and young adults, he is solely focused on the needs of kids and his offices have been specifically designed to put them at ease during their visit.


Pediatric dentists are trained not only in the special dental needs of children, but they also receive training in the emotional and social aspects of childhood. Every child has a unique personality and each responds differently to new situations. Crying is one way that children express themselves. This behavior is normal and healthy when children are nervous, tired, or having some discomfort. We try to distract the child by giving praise, telling a story or explaining what we are doing.  Our staff is trained to help relieve your child’s dental anxiety.

Anytime you have questions concerning your child’s treatment, please ask any of our staff. We all have been trained to help you, and keeping you informed is a big part of our service.

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