Our Terminology

We make a practice of using words that are pleasant and non-frightening to your child. We avoid using scary words such as “hurt”, “shot”, “drill” or “needle”.  Instead, you will hear us say:

  • “Mr. Whistler” the dental drill.
  • “Mr. Thirsty” the suction device used to remove saliva and debris from the mouth.
  • “Tooth Raincoat” rubber dam.
  • “Jelly Stick” topical anesthetic gel applied to the gums before an injection to help numb the skin.
  • “Sleepy Juice” the injection of local anesthetic.
  • “Mr. Sunshine” the dental light.
  • “Tooth Counter” the dental probe.
  • “Silver Cap” cap or crown placed on a tooth.
  • “Tooth Pillow” mouth prop.
  • “Tooth Wiggler” dental forcep or pliers.